St. Vincent's Hospital, Manhattan


On a clear September morning, the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan were in full view from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village, at 12th Street and 7th Avenue. Photographs taken outside the Hospital on that fateful day depict views of the burning buildings, One and Two World Trade Center. After the collapse of the towers, the medical staff awaited casualties though relatively few arrived. The empty gurneys, wheelchairs and emergency room further illustrate the sorrow for those who went to work at the twin towers on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, and never returned, and the emergency workers, city employees, clergy and volunteer public servants, who made the ultimate sacrifice in their selfless service. We remember them all with love and gratitude.

The Sisters of Charity of New York opened St. Vincent’s Hospital, Manhattan, in 1849. From its initiation until its closure in 2010, they served as nurses, social workers, research scientists and administrators. The photographs presented are from the historical collection of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Manhattan, housed at the Archives of the Sisters of Charity of New York.


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Hospital staff surround ambulance units arriving at Hospital<br /><br />
Paramedics and Hospital medical staff surround the arriving ambulance units outside St. Vincent's Hospital, Manhattan, on September 11, approach ambulances parked outside Hospital, facing the O'Toole Building

Empty gurneys and wheelchairs outside entrance to Hospital
Empty gurneys and wheelchairs are positioned outside the entrance to St. Vincent's Hospital, Manhattan, prepared to accommodate casualties on September 11. Journalists and public spectators view the scene from behind a barrier gate at 12th Street

Medical staff waits in Emergency Room for casualties
Medical staff waits in Emergency Room, St. Vincent's Hospital, Manhattan, for casualties to arrive from the World Trade Center attack on September 11; empty beds are seen
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